Bad time at the robot circus

it’s strange they way they do computer systems these days, some expert comes into an an area and installs a sophisticated network that connects back to the ‘mothership’ centeral office to manage all the transactions and dole out the hours and boxes of frozen fries.

I generally know computers so I go around fixing these things. just basic stuff, someone breaks a panel cover, regular maintenance, upgrades for the latest wireless box to draw customers into the building to do their virtual tasks.

The Managers are there for human relations, fixing a misfiled order, fire the stoner and rehire them a week later for paperwork. The computer is a monolith to not be touched and any sort of strange person may show up under authorization from the Main Company(tm) to mess with the wires and then the internet works again, that’s all they worry about.

So I get this listing, aninimatronic recalibration, priority one, and a great hourly rate. Had to go for it.

Amusement parks are strange things. I am of the theory that some of the mysteries of the ancient world are possibly just their civilization’s equivalent to a disneyland resort park. It’ s just what got left over. But that’s not the point.

Instead of everyone traveling to Florida or California, this company (confidentiality agreement) had decided to branch out into miniature automated versions of their theme park. But after a merger of their film properties, the theme parks were expanded to include elements of those films.

Apparently an operator had loaded the wrong programs into all the Bozos.


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