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Musical monkey media mogul

Jonathan Coulton has a definite theme going:

My Monkey
Monkey Shines
Code Monkey
Smoking Monkey
Skullcrusher mountain
(at this point I determined that he pretty much has a monkey per album, somewhere.)

Maintaining a 5:1 ratio over
Barenaked Ladies with Another Postcard,New York Dolls with Dance like a monkey, and Phish with ‘Sleeping Monkey’ and ‘Fee’. (Floyd the chimpanzee). Honestly, it’s kind of like country songs and Tennessee, using a monkey somewhere in your lyrics hardly ever goes wrong. Even the Beatles were known to use this trick.

Weird Al: 0.25 with

Mr. Coulton won some geek prize at the Penny Arcade eXpositon, whatever that is. A presidential ‘d20’, whatever that is. Presented by the evil Wesley Crusher. (you can tell by the goatee). Not to be outdone, we here present Mr. Coulton with the ‘not so many songs about apes but a bunch of monkeys will do’ 2009 Wonkee™©.
Wonkee ™ is a registered trademark. Cash value 1/20 cent. Not subject to doubling.