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The power of 孙悟空

Nice little story circulating around China for a few hundred years.

..About Sun WuKong, a immortal monkey who messes with everyone.

..okay, messes with everyone but Buddha.

..and the nice lady riding a dragon.


Right now in China, they’re spending big bucks on a massive trilogy based on just part of the books. We’re talking Lord of the Rings Abridged Edition in comparison. All with a classic costuming. Me likey.

Turns out, though, there’s also a new tv series out, as it is apparently required for all Chinese production companies to do a version of The Monkey King every few years. Who knew?

Buddhist Monkeys?

Plenty of historical context for this. The hero (or nemesis) of all distracted meditationers. Even Buddha has been said to have shown up in a monkey suit for an occasional lifetime.*

Pull the monkey’s tale to interpret the historical Zen Apes using the synapes.

By the way, you can read up on the Monkey King‘s Journey To the West. It’s epic.

*Thusly I have heard. To me, that makes the entity/person/philosopher just that much cooler. Your Dharma may vary.