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The Master Key, an Electrical Fairy Tale

I realized this particular entry was not particularly very good. Okay, here’s the rant. Movie sequels. lots of sequels. Meanwhile, there’s lots of original stories by major authors for the reading, and most are public domain so you can start writing your screenplay, get a webcam and ruin it yourself!

Cultural reference

You’ve heard of The Wizard of Oz? The author, Frank Baum, wrote more than that..

Well, he wrote sequels to that (contradicting my comment in the previous paragraph) and other entirely different stories.
One hidden context not readily apparent is that Baum was often making sly references to economic and political conditions of the time.
Not sure where the metaphor for the flying monkeys has its equivalent in politics, but maybe bill collectors.

Time Warp, again.

Anyhow, within the adventure, you get to read a story from 1909 that presents:

A portable pocket device 4 x 6, metal backed, that would enable real-time and stored visual images.
A electrical device designed to ‘harmlessly’ disable an opponent with electrical shock.
An antigravity device.
A lie detector.

So, stop wasting time reading this tripe, go get some good readings!

The Master Key, an Electrical Fairy Tale Founded Upon the Mysteries of Electricity – Project Gutenberg.