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Monkeys @ The Movies: Raja aur Ranchoi

The Planet of The Apes: India Today’s monkey- biased entertainment comes courtesy of India, who has has adventures of monkeys running armies and talking and born from gods and all sorts of mischief..

This is not that story. Nor the one from that gif over there.

Yeah, look at it.

This is what happens when an entire generation is raised on dubbed 70s detective programs.

And musicals.. Perhaps a bit of ALF in there as well.

Plot Summary
There’s this guy. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s nice.
He has a monkey who helps him.
The monkey, by default, is nice.
Then there’s the other guy. He likes to shoot bottles.
He really dug Baretta but monkeys are cheaper than parrots,
although equal chances of shoulder urination.

Did the monkey do it, or is he truly Helpful?

Everybody’s got something to hide except for helper monkey.

The nice guy was probably put in a wheelchair years ago by an offscreen villain.

The helper monkey knows crime drama. He watched Monk, thanks to Tivo. Miniature Hawaiian shirts don’t hurt the look.

People not the monkey

90% sure that the bottle-shooting guy is his son. Not the monkey, the guy in the wheelchair. As with all proper tv detective series, relatives are immune to all accusations of crime. Also, it’s perfectly okey dokey to keep your gun next to the cordless phone.

Default: misunderstood, now nice but don’t bring up the past..

Because the past has no monkey.

This is a show about a detective played by bottle-shooter with a monkey who helps solve crimes..

What do you think happened?

Raja aur Rango: Part 1, Chapter 1: Helper monkey loses his job.

[spoiler] Crime. [/spoiler]

Shocking last-second reveal
There’s at least 19 of these episodes. That’s a lot of shoulder drying.

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The power of 孙悟空

Nice little story circulating around China for a few hundred years.

..About Sun WuKong, a immortal monkey who messes with everyone.

..okay, messes with everyone but Buddha.

..and the nice lady riding a dragon.


Right now in China, they’re spending big bucks on a massive trilogy based on just part of the books. We’re talking Lord of the Rings Abridged Edition in comparison. All with a classic costuming. Me likey.

Turns out, though, there’s also a new tv series out, as it is apparently required for all Chinese production companies to do a version of The Monkey King every few years. Who knew?

Racist? Specist? Just Monkey Brand Soap.


Monkey Brand Soap. Safe for China. Won’t Wash Clothes!

Context: 19th century woodcut publication. One of the first “Mega-brands”, this sand-mixed soap helped the domestic chore.
Or in that time, the domestic’s chores.

*As always, I present monkeys in the context of monkeys and apes.. Not derogatory comparisons to humans. Really. That’s an insult to the apes.

Musical monkey media mogul

Jonathan Coulton has a definite theme going:

My Monkey
Monkey Shines
Code Monkey
Smoking Monkey
Skullcrusher mountain
(at this point I determined that he pretty much has a monkey per album, somewhere.)

Maintaining a 5:1 ratio over
Barenaked Ladies with Another Postcard,New York Dolls with Dance like a monkey, and Phish with ‘Sleeping Monkey’ and ‘Fee’. (Floyd the chimpanzee). Honestly, it’s kind of like country songs and Tennessee, using a monkey somewhere in your lyrics hardly ever goes wrong. Even the Beatles were known to use this trick.

Weird Al: 0.25 with

Mr. Coulton won some geek prize at the Penny Arcade eXpositon, whatever that is. A presidential ‘d20’, whatever that is. Presented by the evil Wesley Crusher. (you can tell by the goatee). Not to be outdone, we here present Mr. Coulton with the ‘not so many songs about apes but a bunch of monkeys will do’ 2009 Wonkee™©.
Wonkee ™ is a registered trademark. Cash value 1/20 cent. Not subject to doubling.

Buddhist Monkeys?

Plenty of historical context for this. The hero (or nemesis) of all distracted meditationers. Even Buddha has been said to have shown up in a monkey suit for an occasional lifetime.*

Pull the monkey’s tale to interpret the historical Zen Apes using the synapes.

By the way, you can read up on the Monkey King‘s Journey To the West. It’s epic.

*Thusly I have heard. To me, that makes the entity/person/philosopher just that much cooler. Your Dharma may vary.

Marvelous Hairy

a novel by mark a rayner, pirate monkey enthusiast.

“In chapter one, we learn about the Cult of the Claw, and why you never let psychotic psychiatrists perform your marriage ceremony.”
Marvelous Hairy book
This is the first podcast of immersive simian fiction I’ve reviewed this year, and is not yet complete, so I can’t tell you yet how many monkeys are in it. So far it is impressing me as a delightful romp into fear and loathing of normalcy, extreme chemical romances and zen twisted in its side.

Of course, by episode 3 it could become dull, tepid and uninteresting. Unless they put in more monkeys! that would fix anything. We shall see.

Meanwhile, go over there and catch up. Audio, or printio.
This printio thing, it’s new wave. It’s like, the script for the
whole thing before he like, records it. Cool!

Marvelous Hairy podcaste parte one

or get the book.